Titleist CB 716 Irons and MB 716 Irons Are Available for Purchase

With the release of the new Titleist CB 716 Irons and Titleist MB 716 Irons, many  better golf players have more chance to play golf better. And they are just produced for higher level golf players who want to improve their game. Thanks to the new production of the 716 irons, I have performed better in game. And my friends are all surprised about my progress.

The new Titleist CB 716 Irons for sale is a modern cavity blade engineered with industry-leading amounts of high density tungsten for tour-proven shotmaking with added forgiveness, while the 716 MB is a pure muscle back blade with modern refinements providing maximum shot control.

If you think that only few people give high evaluation to new CM and MB 716 irons, then you are wrong. Now, let’s take a look at what PGA golfers say about the new golf clubs for sale. Adam Scott says: “What’s so important in a blade I believe is the sole and the leading edge. For me, I like that to be fairly sharp and fairly flat. Not too much bounce on it. You want that crisp feel in the turf. That’s what a muscle back has always been about.”


The new Titleist MB 716 Irons onlnine certainly has that progressive blend through the set. It’s still very clean which is important but that toe shape is looking very neat and progressive through the set, blending nicely, particularly in that 7- and 8-iron area.

In addition, Webb Simpson has used the MB’s ever since he was 15. And the new Titleist MB 716 Irons feature a squarer toe and thin topline, inspired by the Titleist Forged 680 series for a tour-proven flight. The high muscle back weighting, better positioned behind the sweet spot, provides pure, forged feel on every shot.

Both of the CB and MB 716 Irons are of Optimised CG heights , which is a slight progression up through the set delivers precise, tour-proven trajectory, while increasing the sweet spot for a solid feel.


Titleist MB 716 Irons Reviews

As I get on in my golfing life and watch the advances in manufacturing and technology I really do wonder (a) why manufacturers keep making blades and (b) why amateurs keep playing them.

Maybe major winners like Adam Scott, who currently plays the Titleist 716 MB irons, could benefit from the feel, feedback and the ball shaping options blades give, but surely something like the Titleist CB 716 irons are hardcore enough these days even for him?

mb 716 irons

Titleist’s new 716 MB irons are one of the very few, pure blades left on the market. Certainly, when you set the long irons down behind the ball you can see why. With little offset and wafer thin toplines, these are not for the feint-hearted and only the most confident ball strikers will even consider putting these into the bag. But as you work your way into the mid and short irons, things change. There is actually a fairly generous striking surface from heel to toe and with more loft to look down on, they didn’t seem too hard to hit. What’s more the work Titleist has done on the sole design mean these get through the turf fantastically well.

Traditional and classic go hand-in-hand with Titleist and the 716 MB irons follow suit just as low handicap Titleist fans would want them to.  The looks are simple and clean, the sound and feel are there, and the consistent playability should be exactly what a proven blade player needs.  There won’t be much room for error, so you better make sure you’re on your game before you try and tackle these irons.