Mizuno MP-5 Irons Give You More Choice

In 2015, Mizuno also unveiled several new golf clubs for sale. And the MP series is always the classic series ever in history. Mizuno released MP-5,  MP-15 and MP-25 irons almost at one time. These three iron sets have allowed us golf players more choices on golf equipment.

In the eyes of Mizuno, the sexy-looking MP-5 is neither a blade or cavity, but a “Channel Back” – although we feel it much rather lands on the side of blade. Designed for maximum feel and workability, the Japanese brand is positioning the MP-5 between the classic MP blades and the smaller players’ cavity back.

According to Mizuno, the “Channel Back” is designed to keep an appropriate degree of thickness between the central impact point in order to deliver blade-like feel, while also allowing weight to be distributed around the head in order to increase forgiveness.

7The clubhead of the Mizuno MP-5 Irons for sale is slightly larger than a traditional blade and the topline is not quite as thin as the former MP-4 player iron, so there is enough down there to excite more than just a scratch player. The MP-5 oozes class down behind the ball and the heads dazzle peering out the bag.

By no means the most forgiving iron on the market, but you certainly get more help with this one than the former MP-4 player iron. There was a lot more forgiveness to this iron that we initially anticipated. Very capable players should get involved with the MP-5 because it offers everything you want from a blade with strong looks, impressive feel and bundles of workability.

In a word, Mizuno MP-5 Irons would be a good choice for palyers who are keen on Japanese model golf clubs. MP-5 irons would never let you down.

Do you still need the latest Mizuno MP-15 Irons

Mizuno MP-15 Irons are a wonderful golf iron set for low handicap golfers, which released at 14 Sep 2014 with the price 920 pounds. It comes with true temper dynamic gold shafts and golf pride grips, totally 8 clubs.

mp-15 irons

mp-15 irons reviews

KEY TECHNOLOGIES: Swapping steel for lighter titanium in the large, recessed area behind the sweet spot shifts more mass to the perimeter.

PLAYABILITY: Think up any shot you want—the MP-15 is up to the task; very thin sole that promotes workability—easy to turn either way on command; performs well on hilly lies; medium, penetrating ball flight; sole glides through all types of lies and turf.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Slight mis-hits with the MP-15 still look and feel pretty good; the muscle cavity adds some surprising forgiveness in terms of both distance and direction.
DISTANCE CONTROL: Predictable and reliable, with more than ample carry; very easy to dial in; most guys are in tune with the distances quickly, no need to think too much.
FEEL: You instantly know how you hit the shot; maybe not quite as soft as other, more blade-like MPs but still quite nice; few companies deliver feel the way Mizuno does.
LOOK: The MP-15 is one of the prettiest models tested; a classic chrome finish combines with a simple, thin topline and a fairly small sole to make for a winning look; Mizuno delivers again with a great combination of tradition and technology.

There are so many alternatives these days for single figure players as manufacturing processes improve and even within the Mizuno stable, the MP-15, MP-H5 and JPX850 Forged offer a varity of combinations.

So if you are thinking of investing in blades then a visit to a Mizuno fitter is highly recommended to see which model gives you the peformance you are after.