Callaway Apex Irons Were Launched in Early 2014

In 2014, there were really lots of excellent golf clubs for sale coming out to meet our demand in golf playing. Among all these golf clubs, today, I want to pick the Callaway Apex Irons out. I know the Apex iron set is not that the hot iron set like some other brands, but this never mean it is not a good golf set.

Callaway has unveiled its Apex irons in 2014, which are designed to increase both feel and distance. This is partly due to a thin 455 Carpenter Steel face insert, which is employed in Callaway’s hugely popular X-Hot range of fairway woods.

According to Callaway, the new face of the Callaway Apex Irons insert generates an additional 1-2 mph in ball speed at impact, translating to greater distance on all shots. The new ultra-soft 1020 Forged carbon steel body of Callaway Apex irons should also promote greater feel and responsiveness for precise distance control.


Another key feature of the Apex range is a series of tungsten inserts that have been placed into the 3-5 irons. These strategically placed sole additions lower these Callaway Apex irons’ centre of gravity, resulting in increased forgiveness and making it easier to get the ball airborne.

Short irons also benefit from a new, high-performance wide-spaced groove that delivers better control and more consistent spin from a range of different lies. Callway Apex irons also come in premium steel and graphite shaft options.

The steel shafts of the Apex Irons come with variable wall thickness, designed to offer improved feel towards the butt thinner and better control and accuracy towards the top of the shaft thicker.

Callaway Apex irons reviews

Callaway apex irons is a very famous golf iron set that callaway designed for low handicap golfers. The swing weight is D1 D2 and D3. Generally it comes with 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and PW, 2 and Gw are also can be selected. The market price is 799 pounds and released at 17 Jan 2014.

apex irons reviews

The Apex irons are designed to offer forgiveness, but with the feel benefits of a forged iron, a combination aimed at a range of golfers. A thin steel face insert, first seen in the X Hot fairway woods, should generate an extra one to two miles per hour in ball speed to help players hit it further, while a forged carbon steel body should improve the feel on offer.

The new Apex Irons are a high-tech, cavity-back, forged iron with new weights and grooves. Callaway are expecting Apex irons to be their most popular iron on Tour, so keep an eye out to who has them in their bag first.